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Full Wraps on Commercial Vehicles

Full Wraps on commercial cars in New York City

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Full Wraps on commercial vans in New York City

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Full Wraps on commercial pickup trucks in New York City

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Full Wraps on commercial trucks in New York City

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Full Wrap. The most impressive option. Not for everybody. Customers who decided to go for it are ambitious and far fetching entrepreneurs. For them it is an investment in their business success.

Not just displaying the information about the company, but claiming the leadership in the industry by demonstrating their vehicles in a luxury and uncompromising Full Wrap.

Bring your vehicle in. We are conveniently located on the border of Queens and Brooklyn, not far from Manhattan, the Bronx and Long Island (see the map).

Your car, van, pickup truck or bus will be measured, photographed and artwork will be custom tailored just for you.

Certain parts of the vehicle such as door handles, moldings, etc. will be temporarily removed during the installation (both removal and installation of those parts will done by our highly trained professionals). It will help to put wrapping material under those parts to create smooth, sophisticated look and will increase life time of the wrapping material.

All installation on cars, vans and pickups done indoors. Large trucks and buses will be worked on in our parking lot.

If you think Full Wrap is over the top, consider Half Wrap or All Around Lettering.

Call us at (718) 416-1380 to find out what is the best option for your business.

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