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Vehicle Wraps and Lettering

Vehicle Wraps and Lettering serve two main purposes:

  1. Promote your business.
  2. Comply with the regulations.

Your company van, truck or car will be seen by a lot of people, including your potential and existing customers, especially in New York City. And as a creative entrepreneur you should consider to invest appropriate amount of money in this great opportunity to advertise your business.

Another reason to have your company information on the vehicle are requirements for commercial fleet to have the business name, address and other credentials such as phone numbers, licenses, etc. Failing to comply with these regulations will lead to tickets and other legal actions against your business. Don't take a chance, if your are not planing to do allover lettering or wrapping of your vehicle, consider door lettering as the most economical way to avoid tickets for not displaying your company info.

We offer four types of vehicle customization services:

  1. Door Lettering.
  2. Allover Lettering.
  3. Half Wraps.
  4. Full Wraps.

All installations are done indoors, except for large trucks and busses, which are completed outside in parking lot.

We are located on the border of Queens and Brooklyn (see the map), and not far from Manhattan, the Bronx and Long Island, which makes it easy & convenient for you to bring your vehicles to us.

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